Harford Community College
Online Readiness Check

Please take this quick survey to determine if you are ready to take an online course.

  Agree Somewhat Agree Disagree
I am good at setting goals and deadlines for myself.
I get distracted easily while studying (texting, Facebook, etc.) and need a lot of time to accomplish my work.
I am taking an online class because all other sections of this class are filled.
I finish the projects I start.
I have a tendency to quit when things get difficult.
I am willing to spend time and effort to learn something new.
I usually need direct explanation by an instructor or interaction with peers to feel comfortable learning material.
I usually solve problems I run into by figuring things out for myself.
I am willing and able to spend 9-15 hours or more each week for each online course.
I keep a calendar or written list of what my assignments are and when they are due.
I plan my work in advance so that I can turn in my assignments on time.
I am comfortable using e-mail and other online tools to ask my classmates and instructors questions.
I often have to ask my instructor for extensions on assignments.
I am comfortable and proficient with the following routine computer tasks (check all that apply)
Downloading, editing, and attaching files.
Reading text online
Conducting internet research
Disabling pop-up blockers
Installing software
Changing configuration settings on my computer
Changing browser settings to play multimedia
  Agree Somewhat Agree Disagree
I can fix my own computer problems or I know someone who can help me fix them.
I have access to a reliable computer and high speed internet connection and have a backup location should I lose power or internet connectivity.
I have access to a printer.
I have headphones or speakers and a microphone to use if a class has a videoconference.
My family and friends support me in the completion of my degree.
I am fully committed to my educational goals and am prepared to do what it takes to meet them.
Going to college is a priority for me.
I am capable of working independently.
I have a plan in place to ensure that my other responsibilities (e.g. work, family, extra-curricular activities, etc.) will not prevent me from spending 9-15 hours per week on a course.
I express myself well in writing.
I tend to procrastinate and complete work at the last minute.
When I study people around me will help me work and not try to distract me.
I am willing to communicate and work with a virtual group of people I might never see.
I am comfortable reading many pages or multiple chapters of college-level material each week.