I understand that this tool is for budgeting purposes only and that the results are dependent upon that information entered by the user and Harford Community College can not guarantee the accuracy of the tuition estimate generated by this tool. Check the 'Accept' checkbox to continue.
Have you received a dual enrollment approval letter and been notified by HCPS that you are eligible for a tuition discount?
You are not eligible for a tuition discount and must pay your tuition balance in full.
Have you been confirmed as eligible for Free and Reduced Meals (FARM) status through HCPS?
You are not responsible for paying any tuition, consolidated fees or course fees. Please only pay any direct access fees, if applicable. Tuition waivers to cover your full balance will be applied early in the semester.
How many total college courses have you taken in previous semesters as a Dual Enrolled high school student at HCC (not including Math 021, 022 or 023 for which no tuition is charged)?
For each course which you have registered for in the current semester, please click the 'Add Course' button, and enter the number of credits for the course in the highlighted field.
Do any of your courses include a course fee or a direct access fee? Add the combined total of these fees here.
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