Request for Transcript Re-Evaluation


  1. After submitting a "Change of Academic Intent" form to declare a new program of study, complete and submit this form to R&R to request a re-evaluation of your previously evaluated college transcripts, if you believe additional courses may apply to your new program of study.
  2. If you have already earned an Associates and/or Bachelors degree and change to General Studies your transcripts will not be re-evaluated.
  3. If you have not taken courses at Harford in more than two years, you will need to re-submit all your transcripts before a re-evaluation can be completed.
  4. If you want to use a transfer course to substitute for a specific program requirement, meet with an Academic Advisor to complete an Academic Appeals form then submit to Registration& Records.
  5. A re-evaluation takes approximately four weeks to complete.
  6. Notification is sent to your OwlMail account when the re-evaluation is complete.
  7. Review your evaluation carefully for changes or additions and meet with an Academic Advisor to review your completion progress.

Please complete the following information:

Transcript Re-Evaluation Request Form

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