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Child Care

Note: Sections listed in gray have reached full enrollment and are no longer available.
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Communication Skills for Child Care Professionals 

Tuition: $50 Fee: $40   
Online Class 25481 3/1-3/31 Online CourseStaff

Including All Children- ADA 

Tuition: $20 Fee: $15   
Online Class 25278 1/1-1/31 Online CourseStaff
Online Class 25280 3/1-3/31 Online CourseStaff
Online Class 25284 5/1-5/30 Online CourseStaff

Infant and Toddler Curriculum 

Tuition: $299 Fee: $100   
Online Class 25272 1/4-1/22 Online CourseStaff

Materials and Curriculum for Early Childhood 

Tuition: $299 Fee: $100 Sessions: 108 
25275 Mon., Wed.1/31-5/189:35 AM - 10:55 AMFallston Hall, Rm. 101K. Bell
Tuition: $299 Fee: $100   
Online Class 25276 1/31-5/21 Online CourseStaff

Medication Administration Training 

Tuition: $65 Fee: $25 Session: 1 
45288 Sat.11/68:30 AM - 3:30 PMTBAD. Garza

Positive Discipline Techniques for Early Childhood Professionals 

Tuition: $10 Fee: $15   
Online Class 25282 4/1-4/30 Online CourseStaff

School-Age Child Care 

Tuition: $299 Fee: $100   
Online Class 25277 1/31-5/21 Online CourseStaff

Supporting Children Impacted by Trauma 

Tuition: $17 Fee: $15   
Online Class 25281 3/1-3/31 Online CourseStaff

Supporting Children With Challenging Behavior 

Tuition: $10 Fee: $15   
Online Class 25279 2/1-2/28 Online CourseStaff

The Young Child 

Tuition: $299 Fee: $100 Sessions: 108 
25273 Mon., Wed.1/31-5/188:00 AM - 9:20 AMFallston Hall, Rm. 101K. Bell
Tuition: $299 Fee: $100   
Online Class 25274 1/31-5/21 Online CourseK. Bell

Un Design/Lrning/Dev/Appr/Clas 

Tuition: $17 Fee: $15   
Online Class 25283 5/1-5/30 Online CourseStaff

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